On chaos, calamity and campervans

I was planning a nice, sensible series of writing-related blog posts over the summer, but they haven’t quite happened yet, and I’m about to be internet-lite for four days. So I thought I’d try a real-life writing experiment. We all know that novels need conflict, characters being taken out of the comfort zone, and we all know the importance of editing. So I’m going to put a character (me) in an unfamiliar situation (camping), create conflict (me camping in a really, really small camper van with boys 1 and 2 and one of their friends), and see how much editing is required to create a glossy, polished version of a lovely, spontaneous family trip.

A few months ago, this all seemed like a wonderful, adventurous idea.

Now I’m staring down the barrel of the reality of four days in a micro-sized camper van with three small boys and a whole lot of weather, and it’s starting to look a little less Famous Five (okay, four) Do Cornwall, and slightly more Famous Five Go A Bit Lord Of The Flies.

I’m not sure how the unfamiliar situation and the conflict are going to pan out, but I can say with some certainty that this is going to be a masterclass in editing.

It’s not that small, right?

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