WiFi SciFi – The Anniversary

It’s been over a year since the first Wifi Scifi event, and a lot has happened in that time. Join us for the anniversary-and-a-bit edition with some of our original panellists and some new faces.

We’re still tweaking the format, but it’s likely to be very close to that used in the last events – one long panel, with panellists swapping in and out, followed by a breakout room socialising session – again, one longer session, in order to give the harassed host time to allocate everyone to a room. We are hoping that some of our panellists will be hosting discussions on specific topics – further details to follow.

We can accommodate approximately 90 attendees in the actual event. As an attendee at the panels, you will have an opportunity to ask questions, either via the chat system or possibly via audio. The breakout sessions will use video and audio, so attendees will be able to talk to one another as well as the host. This is – as we discovered the first time round – quite a technical challenge, so we need people to register to attend the event. If you wish to attend, please follow these steps:

  1. Email me at wifiscifievent@gmail.com with ‘2021’ as your subject title and your name in the body text. If, for any reason, you do not wish to attend the small group audio and video sessions, please indicate this in your email.
  2. Wait for email confirmation of a place at the event. Numbers are restricted. Remember to check your junk mail folder!
  3. Once you have a confirmed place, please download the Zoom app as this will speed up the process of joining this live event.
  4. If you have a Zoom account already, please reply to the confirmation email with your Zoom username.
  5. Detailed instructions will follow by email in the run-up to the event.

If we exceed our numbers, I will start a waiting list. If you obtain a place and then decide not to attend PLEASE LET ME KNOW so I can give the place to someone else. We are, once again, hoping to livestream the panel to a youtube channel.

There is a slight tweak to the format this time round. The breakout rooms will have specific topics and be hosted by two panellists. I will be emailing people who have already registered to see if they have a preference regarding topics. If you’re about to sign up, please indicate in your email if there’s something in which you’re particularly interested – please give two choices. I can’t guarantee giving everybody their first choice, but I will do my best to get you into a discussion that interests you.

Breakout room discussions

Biases in fiction and sensitivity reading

Short fiction markets

Starting a writing career

Screen writing and seeing your writing on screen

SFF in translation

Humour in SFF


Anne Corlett started her writing career in 2011 after many years working as a criminal lawyer in London. This was slightly unfortunate timing, given that she was right in the middle of relocating to Somerset with her family, who seemed to feel that a little less novel-writing and a little more packing might be warranted.  Her work has been published in various magazines and anthologies and her short fiction has won, placed or been shortlisted for various awards. Her debut novel, The Space Between the Stars, was published in 2017 by Pan Macmillan.

Gareth Powell has twice won the British Science Fiction Association Award for Best Novel and has been a finalist for both the Locus Award in the US and the Seiun Award in Japan. He can be found on Twitter @garethlpowell

Adrian Walker is an author of speculative fiction whose debut novel, THE END OF THE WORLD RUNNING CLUB, became an international bestseller and was featured on BBC Radio 2s Book Club, with Simon Mayo. He was born in the bush suburbs of Sydney, Australia in the mid-’70s. After his father found a van in a ditch, he moved his family back to the UK, where Adrian was raised. He lives with his wife and two children in Aberdeen, where he enjoys running, playing guitar, and herding a concerning number of dependent mammals. His latest novel, THE HUMAN SON, is published by Solaris Books on April 30th.

Tade Thompson is the author of the Rosewater novels, the Molly Southbourne books, and Making Wolf. He has won the Arthur C Clarke Award, the Nommo Award, the Prix Julia-Verlange and been a finalist for the John W. Campbell award, the Locus awards, the Shirley Jackson Award and the Hugo Awards among others. He lives and works on the south coast of England.

Xueting Christine Ni was born in Guangzhou, during China’s “re-opening to the West”. Having lived in cities across China, she emigrated as an adolescent with her family to Britain, where she continued to be immersed in Chinese culture, alongside her British education, realising ultimately that this gave her a unique a cultural perspective, bridging her Eastern and Western experiences. After graduating in English Literature, she began a career in the publishing industry, whilst also translating original works of Chinese fiction, later returning to China to continue her research at Central University of Nationalities, Beijing. Since 2010, Xueting has written extensively on Chinese culture and China’s place in Western pop media, working with companies, theatres, institutions and festivals, to help improve understanding of China’s heritage, culture and innovation, and introduce its wonders to new audiences. Xueting has contributed to the BBC, Tordotcom Publishing, and the Guangdong Art Academy. Her first book, From Kuan Yin to Chairman Mao, is published by Weiser Books. Her new book, an anthology of Chinese science fiction, which she has curated and translated, will be published by Solaris Books in November. Xueting currently lives in the suburbs of London with her partner and their cats, all of whom are learning Chinese.

Suzan Palumbo is originally from Trinidad and Tobago. She is an ESL teacher, writer, co founder of the Ignyte Awards and a member of the Hugo nominated FIYACON team. Her work has appeared or is forth coming in venues such as The Dark Magazine, Pseudopod, Podcastle, The Deadlands, Fireside Quarterly, Weird Horror and Neon Helmlock’s: Unfettered Hexes among others. She currently lives in Ontario, Canada. Her complete bibliography can be found at suzanplaumbo.wordpress.com

Jonathan Pinnock first came to notoriety as the author of MRS DARCY VERSUS THE ALIENS, of which he should probably be more ashamed than he actually is. He is also the author of two collections of short stories, a slim volume of poetry and an uncategorisable (and – frankly – largely unsaleable) musical memoir. More recently, he is the author of Farrago Books’ MATHEMATICAL MYSTERY series, the fourth of which, BAD DAY IN MINSK, came out in April of this year. He is also the host of the podcast IT’S LIT BUT IS IT FUNNY? where he discusses the neglected genre of comic literature with a wide range of guests.

Kevlin Henney writes shorts and flashes and drabbles of fiction. His stories have appeared online and on tree (Daily Science Fiction, New Scientist, Litro, Physics World, LabLit, 365 tomorrows, Kasma and others) and been included in anthologies (Tales from the Graveyard, We Can Improve You, North by Southwest, Haunted, The Dark Half of the Year and others). He lives in Bristol and online, where you can find him on Twitter as @KevlinHenney.

Derek Kunsken originally worked in molecular biology, but left to work with street kids in Central America before finding himself in the Canadian foreign service. He now writes science fiction in Gatineau, Québec. His short fiction has appeared in Analog, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Clarkesworld, and many times in Asimov’s as well as several year’s best anthologies. His Quantum Evolution space opera series includes The Quantum Magician, The Quantum Garden, and the novella Pollen From a Future Harvest. The House of Styx, the start of a new space opera duology, details events that occur 250 years prior to The Quantum Magician, has received starred reviews from Publishers’ Weekly and the Library Journal. Critic Rich Horton describes Derek “as one of the best pure ‘hard science’ writers of the current generation…”

Cheryl Morgan is a critic, editor and publisher. She owns Wizard’s Tower Press and edits the fanzine, Salon Futura. Cheryl’s main interests are in feminist SF and translated fiction. She lives near Bath, but she’ll be joining WiFi SciFic from Virtual California as she is on a world tour to raise money for a local charity

Corry L. Lee is a science fiction and fantasy author, Ph.D. physicist, award-winning science teacher, data geek, and mom. She’s white, cis, and bi. Her books, Weave the Lightning and The Storm’s Betrayal Russian-inspired fantasy with storm magic — released during the pandemic. In Ph.D. research at Harvard, she shed light on the universe fractions of a second after the Big Bang. At a major tech company, she connected science to technology, improving the customer experience through online experimentation. She won the Writers of the Future award, attended the Odyssey Writing Workshop, and is currently obsessed with cross-country skiing and single origin coffee. A transplant to Seattle, Washington USA from sunny Colorado, she is learning to embrace rainy days.

Arley Sorg is co-Editor-in-Chief at Fantasy Magazine, senior editor at Locus Magazine, associate editor at both Lightspeed & Nightmare Magazines, and a columnist for The Magazine of Fantasy and Science FictionHe takes on multiple roles, including slush reader, movie reviewer, and book reviewer, as well as conducting interviews for multiple venues, including Clarkesworld Magazine and his own site: arleysorg.com. Arley grew up in England, Hawaii, and Colorado, and studied Asian Religions at Pitzer College. He lives in Oakland, and, in non-pandemic times, usually writes in local coffee shops. He is a 2014 Odyssey Writing Workshop graduate.

Phoebe Barton is a queer trans science fiction writer. Her short fiction has appeared in venues such as Analog, Lightspeed, and Kaleidotrope, and anthologies from Neon Hemlock and World Weaver Press. She wrote the interactive fiction game The Luminous Underground, a 2020 Nebula Award finalist, for Choice of Games. She is a 2019 graduate of the Clarion West Writers Workshop and lives with a robot in the sky above Toronto. Find her online at www.phoebebartonsf.com or on Twitter at @aphoebebarton.