The Bath and Bristol Book Network

There’s always a lot going on for book lovers in the Bath and Bristol area. Find out about events and workshops, connect with other writers and readers, and keep up with the local creative news.

The calendar shows events happening over the next couple of months. Below the calendar you will find a list that can be filtered by category, eg Bath bookshop events, Bristol writing events. Click on any event in the calendar or the list for more information.

Please note that this is intended as a general guide to what’s going on. Some of the timings are approximate and there may be transcription errors, so please make sure you check the actual event website for full and accurate event information. Please also note that I am not affiliated with any of the organisations or bookshops listed – any queries should be directed to the event organisers.

To connect with other local writers and readers, use this link to join the network’s Discord server. For those unfamiliar with Discord, it’s a messaging site/forum with a very straightforward sign-up process – easily accessible to anyone who doesn’t use Facebook or other social media. You can also comment on any individual event in the calendar. If the link doesn’t work, please email for a new invite code.

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