The Theatre of Glass and Shadows


‘Marvellous’ – Bridget Collins, The Sunday Times bestselling author of The Binding

‘Original and captivating, this intricately woven tale had me enthralled from page one. The world-building is quite extraordinary. Magical and enticing, the theatre district holds dark secrets and hidden menace. I didn’t want to leave.’ – Karen Coles, author of The Asylum

A rich, imaginative and atmospheric novel set in an alternative mid-20th century England. The premise is fantastic, the writing magical and the pacing just perfect. I highly recommend.’ – Katie Lumsden, author of The Secrets of Hartwood Hall

‘I was pulled into this story from the first chapter.’ – Stacey Thomas, author of The Revels










‘Wonderfully engaging.’ – Mia, blogger at Paradise is a Library

A fantastic book that captivates from beginning to end, packed full of mystery, drama, loss and desire.’ – Netgalley reviewer

‘Exquisitely written, with a rich and vivid setting.’ – Netgalley reviewer

‘Rich in mystery and suspense, historical depth, twists and turns.’ – Netgalley reviewer

‘An atmospheric and imaginative take on the world of immersive theatre.’ – Netgalley reviewer’You will be bewitched and enchanted and leave wanting more.’ – Netgalley reviewer

‘I couldn’t stop talking about this book from the moment I started reading it.’ – Netgalley reviewer

‘This was a great read, which was full of tension! The author clearly knows plenty about immersive theatre, and she brought the mysterious Theatre District to life with vivid descriptions.’ – Netgalley reviewer